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2012 – A Very Progressive Year

On 31, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In Music Recommendations, Opinion | By dfy

What an amazing year it was for progressive house lovers across the world! With constant and solid releases, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a year of music than 2012. Releases from labels such as Silk, Anjunadeep, Particles, Proton, Spring Tube and a bunch of new ones quickly filled my iPod (now my phone) and emptied my wallet.

But the highlight of the entire year in my opinion was the fantastic Latvian duo of Blood Groove & Kikis. I found that someone had written on their FB wall that they are progressive house music’s best kept secret. Not for long they aren’t. Every single release was anything but short of spectacular. They dabbled mostly in remixes for deep house and progressive house artists. Their signature style compromises of full bodied, smooth and punchy bass-lines with delicate melodic breakdowns.

Listen to these tracks carefully, bounce with that groovy and deep bass and wait for the melody to take you away into progressive heaven!

And one of my personal favourites of the year:

Of course that’s not it, these guys literally release a track every day! And each one is a beauty, an absolutely beauty! I haven’t been so enamoured by an artist since Shingo Nakamura! So it was really nice of them to give away a free track for Christmas this year. Please make sure that you support these guys and buy their stuff from Beatport.

Anyway, I can’t wait for more of their releases. I hope the moment they’ve gathered continues into 2013 and I look forward to many more progressive beauties! As for me, I hope I can get back into DJing in Delhi this year and also release a few more sets. Summer Love 2 perhaps?

See you in 2013,



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